A HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency


Legacy is constantly working to build relationships with the community. Relationships are the foundation for everything you do and we understand that people are the connection. The strength of our relationships with community partners, including schools, nonprofits, churches, civic clubs, local businesses, and others within our community determines our success. It is a huge factor in creating positive outcomes in the projects and programs we offer and will offer in the future.


Legacy believes that educating individuals within the community gives them confidence to participate fully in pubic life. Our goal is to put individual community members in a position that helps them positively impact their own community. Access to resources makes individuals more informed and better suited to make a positive impact in their own lives as well as their community. We provide individuals in our programs with the necessary tools to take control of their finances, their credit, and their overall living situation. That’s why the programs we provide are so important.

Shared Leadership

Leadership is the most important ingredient to building a strong community. It is the critical foundation for community success, and effective leadership is going to become more important in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities. Legacy’s goal is to continue to foster strong relationships with residents and community partners, so we can all work together to achieve common goals and improved quality of life. Taking a leadership role in serving the community is the responsibility of all and we look forward to the endless possibilities this shared leadership will bring.