A HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency

The purpose of the Home Buyer Education Certification is to educate prospective homebuyers on the principles of homeownership. Buying a house represents one of the greatest financial commitments a family can make. At the same time, owning a home comes with a sense of accomplishment and pride. While we can expect to experience mixed emotions and high stress at times, this class has been developed to educate those who have no experience in the home-buying process. In taking this class, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the following topics during a very interactive class session: renting vs. owning, steps in the home buying process, understanding the role of real estate and mortgage professionals, determining affordability, creating a budget, understanding credit, types of affordable mortgage products, finding the right home, maintaining a home and taking care of finances.

At the completion of the class, attendees will be able to determine their position in the home buying process and the steps they should take to attain the goal of a smooth process with the help of their purchasing team.

This class is the first step that takes prospective home buyers closer to the “American Dream.

Each participant will receive certificate of completion at the end of each class.

Legacy now offers interactive online education courses through eHome America. More information on class registration will be provided upon completion & submission of the intake and required documentation.